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Red Creek Mining LLC is a worker owned gold mining company founded in 2008.

We are a placer mining operation located in the goldfields of the Yukon Territory, Canada and north of Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Each year we accept a limited number of crew for the summer mining season - late May through the end of September. If you are interested in joining us, read the information below and contact us by email with any additional questions.






EST. 2008

How it all began...

Red Creek Mining LLC was founded in 2008 by an original crew of 6 friends with a dream to strike it rich in the Alaskan and Canadian gold fields, like generations of men before us.

We have enjoyed unprecedented success and growth since that first summer- adding new members and equipment every year - while still remaining a hands on, worker-owned company.

Red Creek Mining is structured like club with members rather than a business with owners and employees. Every member is treated as an equal and we all share expenses for equipment, housing, food, fuel, etc., 

We have no employees or outside investors - every member gets a share in the gold revenue of the mining season after expenses. In our most recent season - Summer 2019 each member took home a base share of $391,858 each after expenses.

Red Creek's  mining claims are located north east of Fairbanks, Alaska and north west of Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada.

Our season lasts from late May through the end of September - around 120 days.

We are now accepting applicants for the 2020 mining season.

You may use the link below to download an application or email us with any questions. But please do read over the website first to see if this is the right fit for you.

Thank You.

Red Creek Mining LLC



Burning Questions Answered Here

Please read the information below carefully before contacting us.



Gold Mining is a tough job with challenges like no other. Do you have what it takes to be a successful gold miner in Canada or Alaska? Your character and perseverance are more important than whatever related experience you may have.


Unlike jobs that pay by the hour, where a bad day does not affect the overall outcome of your earnings, mining for gold pays by the ounce of gold recovered and the tons of earth moved. Without a strong work ethic, you will not succeed in this industry, and we could go home empty handed.


An efficient miner has the ability to learn and understand new terms, conditions and requirements quickly. Safety requirements are highly job specific. Learning to adjust to new conditions accordingly will have a significant impact on your season.


Our members work and live with people from all of ages and types of backgrounds from all over the United States. You must have the ability to cooperatively work and live with almost anybody without causing unnecessary conflicts and problems.


With gold mining comes a great deal of work which may be outside of your normal job duties. A good team member is available to help his or her foreman or supervisor when needed so that you may learn new skills and keep the operation going.


Plans always change. Most gold miners know the saying “Hurry up and wait”. You have to be able to roll with the punches. There are far too many things that can happen to disrupt your day. We need members that are adaptable and problem solvers.


There is a certain amount of discomfort and pain associated with being far from civilization on a remote mining site. From aching muscles to equipment breakdowns– it’s all part of the job. And don’t forget the cold, rain, mud, midnight sun, bugs, bears, – the list goes on. If you have a reputation as a constant complainer, you probably won't fit in here. Great things never came from comfort zones.


For many, this will be your first time in Alaska or the Yukon and gold mining. If you do not fit into the category of someone who enjoys a new challenge on a daily and even hourly basis, this job may not be for you. We were all new at some point though. And we are committed to our shared success here and teaching you what you need to know to thrive.



Let's be honest. This is why we're here, right?

Our season's earning are determined by how much pay dirt we move and how much gold we recover minus shared expenses.

Over the past year gold prices have risen from around $1200/oz. to $1500/oz. and climbing.

We've been at this since 2008, and it gets better every year as we learn and grow our equipment and member numbers.

Our summer mining season lasts 120 days +/- (June 1 – Sept 30) and our earnings (after expenses and royalty) per member for the past 6 seasons are listed below. There is no hourly wage or salary. Your earnings are determined only by how much gold we pull out of the ground.  While every year fluctuates, this is how much a first year miner can expect to bring home for the season after shared expenses and paying (the landowner) royalties.

Returning members and those with specialized/skills an experience also receive added incentive pay with their base share listed below.

Final Payout is at the end of the season in early October.

Weekly advances of $800 are available during the season if needed.

2014 - $243,605 - (202 oz.)

2015 - $196,421 - (176 oz.)

2016 - $227,933 - (170 oz.)

2017 - $309,187 - (241 oz.)

2018 - $288,049 - (244 oz.)

2019 - $391,858 - (262 oz.)


Our mining claims are located northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada and north east of Fairbanks, Alaska. You would fly in to Whitehorse International Airport (YXY) or the Fairbanks Intl Airport (FAI) and we can schedule a pickup at the airport or your hotel on your assigned start date.


If you are an American who wishes to work in Canada, you will need to have or obtain a U.S. Passport. 

The cost is $145 and the process takes 6-8 weeks (2-3 weeks if expedited).

How to Apply for a US Passport

You will also need a work permit from Canada. Your cost is $388, and Red Creek Mining (your sponsor) handles the application process for you. 


Our season lasts from late May through the end of September approximately (120 days). Always dependent on the weather and first heavy snow. New members usually start June 1.

During this period we move dirt 24 hours a day 7 days a week, split into two 12 hour shifts, with built in breaks. It is a race every season to find as much gold as possible before the Alaskan winter sets in. So you have to be ready for the work when you arrive. Where else can you work 120 days per year, and enjoy 240+ days off though?

Days off happen when equipment is down or weather is bad. Schedules are usually 6/1 for days off.


Don't bring much with you. Safety gear, coveralls, food, bedding, towels, tools, housing are all provided here at no upfront cost to you. Our camp has satellite TV and WIFI but no cell phone reception. We have satellite phones for emergencies.

Fairbanks and Whitehorse are close enough for regular supply runs as well. You will be responsible for your getting yourself to Whitehorse, Yukon or Fairbanks, AK. One way flights average $300 - $500. Driving up from the lower 48 is not recommended for the inexperienced. 


Housing is provided on location and consists of private cabins with shared bathrooms. Towels, linens, laundry and regular cleaning provided.

We eat well. Alaskan wild game and seafood are plentiful and our camp kitchen puts out all the American classics you're probably used to. 


We were all new to gold mining at some point, so we don't expect you to know it all before joining us here.

Some helpful skills always in demand are heavy equipment operator, truck driver, logging, construction, pipeline, oil/gas industry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, diesel mechanic, first aid, etc.

We will assess whatever skills and experience you have when you arrive and assign you to a job that you are capable of and cross train you in other areas over the course of the season.


We are currently accepting applications for new members for the 2020 summer mining season for a limited number of new spots.

Click on the link to the application form below and fill it out, scan it, and email it back to us.

Be sure to list your skills and experience in detail. Use an extra page if needed or add your resume. This is our way of getting to know you and judging your potential.

If we decide you are the right person for us, we will reply to your email with an acceptance and details on your next steps and preparations for the upcoming season.

You may email us with any questions or click the link below for a member application. 

Thank You.

Red Creek Mining LLC


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Red Creek Mining LLC 

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In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

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